Brian's First Checkride Review Flight

October 16, 2001

On my review flight, I took a GPS unit that I bought specifically to track my flights. I was worried that it wouldn't be able to track the satellites from within the plane, but it worked just fine. Here is are a couple of maps of the trip:

This is the overview map from which you can see the entire flight:

This is a zoom in to the portion during which I practiced S turns around a straight line on the ground. To the southeast of the S turns is where I practiced steep turns, an emergency descents, and a simulated engine out landing:

The detail provided by the GPS is pretty good. After zooming in enough, I can see my path while taxiing around the runways. Elevation data is also included, but the software I currently have doesn't display it. Now that I know that the GPS works like I wanted it to, I'll work on finding better software to display it better and maybe even have an interactive tool online that would allow you to zoom in and see the details.

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